Country of focus Georgia

Here is a picture of Georgia on top of Australia

Georgia is way smaller than Australia.

I think Georgia is around 100 time smaller than Australia.

the population of Georgia and Australia together is  35.98 million

Georgia  is the largest state east of the Mississippi River.

the longest river in Georgia is the Chattahoochee River and the highest mountain is the cold mountain.


Writing Challenge using connectives

The Holiday


There ones was a family that went down to the Norward holiday park there names were lily whos 5 and she’s the yungest is very funny and the next oldest is sophie and she’s very sporty and is 9 yers old and there older sibling rebeca who is 12 and likes dancing and of cause the mum and the dad and there dog oscar. Yay said lily we arrived so they unpacked and moved into there little cozy cottage. they started by lighting the little fire inside and sat down with a nice glass of hot chocolate. oooh its time to go to the camp party said mum. the camp party was a fun party that happened every friday evening at the camp site so then they got ready just on time but when they opened the door…

there was a black very large bear!                                                                                                                                                                                 quickly! guys lock the door shouted the dad as lily and Sophie slammed the door while lily locked it. why? said lily and sophie one after the other. there parents explained what happened. is it still there said Rebecca? I dont know mum and dad said looking at each other. Help came luckily in the end!







Country of focus week 4

Japan is a country just of Asia. japan is in the northern hemisphere.

the capital city of japan is Tokyo and the population is 126.3 million.

the languges spoken are Japanese, Ainu, Amami-Oshima.

the currency of japan is Japanese yen. something that australia has incomin with japan is thats they do trades with us.

a interesting fact of japan is that tokyo has the biggest population of people in a city in the hole world.

you say hello by saying Kon’nichiwa. japan is a country close to asia and all those countries.



Commenting Guidlines

Down below i am listing the questions in order from worst to best and saying why.

for question 1 i think its not a good post because it has incorrect spelling and its not helpful and a bit random.

I think question 7 is the next post thats not that good because it doesn’t say hello or bye and its not helpful.

Next i think is number 6 because its just talking about her sister and its not nesasary and it has some random letters in it.

after that is number 4 because it doesn’t say hi and its not useful for anything.

then its number 8 because it doesn’t really help anyone and its not really anything to do with them.

next is question  3 because it is a nice  post and its kind-of recommending a book to the person.

next is question 5 because it has correct spelling and its giving kind feedback to someone.

for question 2 i think its the best post because its formal and useful and has correct spelling.



Country of focus- China

China is a country inside Asia and the capital city is Beijing. China is in the east hemisphere.

the population is 1.398 billion. the national language spoken is Mandarin.

the official currency of china is Renminbi. a connection China has with Australia is that China is Australia’s largest two-way trading partner. A fact about China is that it is the 4th largest country in the world. 3 country’s that share borders with China is Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.