about me post 1

         Hi my name is Charlize.

     I am 11 years old and i am in year 6.

        I like playing video games and i like Llamas.

I am so exited to blog this year.

My favourite food is pizza.


3 thoughts on “about me post 1

  1. Hey Charlize! I’m Kate, your buddy. Did you know my favourite food is also pizza?! I like margherita ’cause it is the best kind in my opinion. What pizza is your fav? Also I like playing video games as well! If you want to look at my blog then here it is: https://busboysweet.edublogs.org/

  2. Dear Charlize,
    I am your blog buddy Georgia. I love how you have positioned all the words! I also like the picture you have put in of a Llama. I also like to play video games. Which ones do you like to play?

    • Hi Georgia!
      The online game I play is roblox. sometimes I might also play boxel rebound or paper io.
      do you play any of these games?

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