Commenting Guidlines

Down below i am listing the questions in order from worst to best and saying why.

for question 1 i think its not a good post because it has incorrect spelling and its not helpful and a bit random.

I think question 7 is the next post thats not that good because it doesn’t say hello or bye and its not helpful.

Next i think is number 6 because its just talking about her sister and its not nesasary and it has some random letters in it.

after that is number 4 because it doesn’t say hi and its not useful for anything.

then its number 8 because it doesn’t really help anyone and its not really anything to do with them.

next is question  3 because it is a nice  post and its kind-of recommending a book to the person.

next is question 5 because it has correct spelling and its giving kind feedback to someone.

for question 2 i think its the best post because its formal and useful and has correct spelling.



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