Writing Challenge using connectives

The Holiday


There ones was a family that went down to the Norward holiday park there names were lily whos 5 and she’s the yungest is very funny and the next oldest is sophie and she’s very sporty and is 9 yers old and there older sibling rebeca who is 12 and likes dancing and of cause the mum and the dad and there dog oscar. Yay said lily we arrived so they unpacked and moved into there little cozy cottage. they started by lighting the little fire inside and sat down with a nice glass of hot chocolate. oooh its time to go to the camp party said mum. the camp party was a fun party that happened every friday evening at the camp site so then they got ready just on time but when they opened the door…

there was a black very large bear!                                                                                                                                                                                 quickly! guys lock the door shouted the dad as lily and Sophie slammed the door while lily locked it. why? said lily and sophie one after the other. there parents explained what happened. is it still there said Rebecca? I dont know mum and dad said looking at each other. Help came luckily in the end!







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