America Holiday Week 8 Task

My America Holiday!

Just before covid came me and my family went on a holiday over seas to America! First we went from Adelaide to Melbourne that was a 1 hour flight then from Melbourne to LA! Once we arrived I got a bit motion sick but then recoverd quickly we had to wait for an hour to receive are bags because its so busy!!! Then we met this lady called Cathy she picked us up and drove us around LA and then eventually went to our hotel. Next we went to Las Vegas then to the Grand Cannion and got to see the snow on Christmas day!! Next we went to some where for 2 nights then flew to Florida for 1 night and went on a cruise ship for 1 week and of course went to disney land last!! We saw our pen pals and then returned home after being away for almost 2 months!!

Instruments Ive played

In year 4 I was in the year 4 band and got chosen to play the trumpet. every Tuesday morning I went to band practice and then we played at a few diffrent celebrations in the year. Next year I quit the trumpet and my mum bought me the clarinet so I got private lessons to practice that, then I joined the junior concert band! then… I quit that at the end of year five and in year 6 I am not playing an instrument. So thats all the instruments I have played!