Week 6 task – Share your school day

My school day

My school day starts with me arriving at school at 8:00 and sch00l starting at 8:30. we always have form for half an hour every day but friday and on Thursday’s we have a junior school assembly. then after that we have 2 lessons before recess witch is at 10:30. and recess goes until 10:55. then we have 3 lessons until lunch at 1:05 and lunch ends at 1:55. after lunch we have 2 lessons before the end of the day and we finish school at 3:25 but due to covid for the junior school its 3:15 so there are not as many people waiting at once. sometime we have double lessons like double hass or double p.e most lessons we have are sometime doubles. the lessons we do are hass, dte ( digital technology ), maths, english, art, music, buddies with the year 2, french, Chinese, library and artimas witch is a kind of a mix of hass and english and dte. at lunch time i am in the library comity so some lunch time i have to shelf book i do that every few weeks or i will play on the courts or do gymnastics.  at recess we normally play among us in real life or i do gymnastics. after school on a Tuesday i have netball training at school and gymnastics out side of school after that. so that what my school day kind of is like.


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